adjectives game

A set of adjective cards and a set of noun cards. This is an active learning activity where children choose cards which compliment each other or cards go in a box and they determine if appropriate match.


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    Thank you for sharing your resource. This resource has been recommended by the TES Resource Team for its relevance to the 2014 National Curriculum.

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    PepGreen2 years agoReport

    Perfect! Thank you!

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    vicvac5 years agoReport

    Thank you this is helpful as an activity for Year 1s

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    dannyb19846 years agoReport

    Cheers, exactly the kind of resource I was looking for to teach adjectives and nouns to year 1. :-)

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    magic_marj7 years agoReport

    Different Format?. hello

    Do you have these cards in a different format? I cannot open "publisher"

    thank you