Adverbs of Degree Worksheets Display Posters, Flashcards Vocabulary

This product relates to adverbs of degree. I have included a common list of words but there are so many.
Use this resource to supplement your teaching of adverbs of degree. You may like to display some of the posters around your classroom.

Laminating the posters and flashcards gives them that professional look.


  • Teacher’s Notes
  • Adverbs of degree title card
  • 15 whole page display cards or anchor cards (you can enlarge)
  • 52 Adverbs of degree flashcards - you can photocopy onto colour card paper
  • Differentiated Worksheets
  • 1x Word Search with Solution

The 52 adverbs of degree are 4 words to a page - just laminate and cut out.

Extras: 6 sets of Worksheets to practise using adverbs of degree:

Worksheet 1: Adverbs of Degree Cloze Activity. Students choose an adverb to complete the six sentences. For the second part of the worksheet, students make up a sentence of their own using one of the adverbs that was not used in the cloze activity.

Worksheet 2: Adverbs of Degree Modifying Adjectives Worksheet.
Students write 9 sentences using the numbered adverb/adjective words in the table. The students can work in pairs if they feel they need help in making up sentences.

Worksheet 3 – Adverbs of Degree Modifying Action Worksheet.
An explanation is given in the box. Students write 9 sentences using the numbered adverb/action verb in the table. An example is given. Students can draft some sentences on their whiteboard before completing the worksheet.

Worksheet 4 – Adverbs of Degree Modifying Other Adverbs Worksheet.
Similar to the above task, - A brief explanation is given in the box. Students then write 9 sentences using the numbered degree adverb/other adverbs in the table. Students can draft some sentences on their whiteboards before completing the worksheet.

Worksheet 5: Adverbs Focus: Enough, Too and Very Worksheet (with Answer Sheet)
In completing this worksheet, students must think about the word order of ‘enough’. The rest of the worksheet is straightforward when the students come to use ‘too’ and ‘very’.
The second part of the worksheet requires students to write their own sentences using each of the degree adverbs.

Adverbs of Degree Word Search (with Solution) – Students find 14 words listed that go across and down.
Worksheet 6: Extension: Rewrite the list in alphabetical order on a separate sheet of paper.

Listening and Speaking:

As a whole class or small group activity, shuffle a few flashcards and ask a student to select a card.
The other students then think of a sentence to say aloud with that word, e.g.

extremely difficult

The walk to school was extremely difficult.

Hope you find this resource helpful. Thank you for visiting my shop:)

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