AFOREST persuasive techniques

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A powerpoint with examples of the AFOREST techniques including youtube clips. A worksheet containing examples of the techniques which students then have to identify. Used as part of a SOW on media/argue, persuade, advise. Used with a bright year 7 class but may be suitable for year 8/9.


  • AFOREST persuasive techniques.ppt
  • Can you identify which AFOREST technique is being used.doc

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    Super resource - thank you for sharing.

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    user avatarnicnak723 months agoreport

    I've used this for a long time. Thank you for sharing it.

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    user avatarvancharl3 months agoreport

    I need to extend this to PINAFOREST apparently, but this is a brilliant starting point - thanks for sharing!

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    user avatarlee goodbody4 months agoreport

    A very clear and informative resource. This will be memorable for my students. One of the videos is now unresponsive.

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    user avatargems23074 months agoreport

    I've used tis time and time again and recycled within my faculty. Thank you so much for sharing.