Alliterative Editing Stations Bundle

This pack contains 5 editing stations for children to ‘visit’ when editing their work. The stations are: Spelling Square, Punctuation Point, Grammar Grove, Add More Avenue & Re-Write Road.

The pack contains the following:
Editing Stations Map (High Resolution pdf)
Editing Stations Posters x5
Editing prompt cards for each station
Audience & Purpose Tickets (for children to take with them as they visit each station)

This has worked brilliantly in my class so I hope they will be useful for other people. Suitable for Year 3-6. (Years 3 and 4 can use all cards with the exception of the high level punctuation cards - e.g. semicolons, colons, hyphens)
The price is £10 because TES take an enormous cut of the profit. Also, this is quite a large bundle!

***N.B. I created all of the images you see here and they are copyrighted. ***

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  • Editing-Stations-Spelling-Square-Cards.pdf
  • Editing-Stations-Re-Write-Road-Cards.pdf
  • Editing-Stations-Punctuation-Point-Cards.pdf
  • Editing-Stations-Add-More-Avenue-Cards.pdf
  • Editing-Stations-Grammar-Grove-Cards.pdf
  • Audience-and-Purpose-Tickets.pdf
  • Editing-Stations-Posters.pdf

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Created: Dec 5, 2018

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