A 7 lesson fully resources no textbook needed overview of the US Civil War, focusing on long term causes, short term causes and the impacts.

Built to fit in exactly with American West: Expansion and Consolidation GCSE AQA unit.


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  • American-Civil-War-SOW.docx
  • Lesson-1-Worksheet-on-long-term-causes-of-civil-war.docx
  • Lesson-1-2-AEC-Long-term-causes-of-the-Civil-War.pptx
  • Lesson-3-AEC-Card-Sort.docx
  • Lesson-3-AEC-Short-term-causes-of-Civil-War.pptx
  • Lesson-4-AEC-Work-sheet.docx
  • Lesson-5-AEC-To-what-extent-did-the-Civil-War-politically-change-America.pptx
  • Lesson-6--Source-Cards-.docx
  • Lesson-6-and-7-AEC-How-was-the-South-reconstructed-after-the-Civil-War-.pptx

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3 Reviews

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    user avatarkhirst1222 days agoreport

    This is great - really helped to get our heads round the demands of this on the new specification. Are you able to point me in the direction of the sources that were used for lesson 1-2? Many thanks.

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    user avataremmachatten7 months agoreport

    Superb resource. Fits in perfectly with new AQA SOW for America: Expansion & Consolidation. Has saved me loads of time. Worth every penny. Thank you.

  • 5Recommended

    Thank you for publishing your resource. It has been selected to be featured in a post on the Tes Resources blog.