My shop will be a place of many subject lessons and projects. My resources will be worksheets, power points and what ever I can think of to share my knowledge with others. I am avid reader of many subjects. My lesson resources will be for all grade levels starting with nursery school through advanced placement/early college and even beyond.

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My first resource will be a lecture article dealing with the colonization of America. There will be at times that the reader can see what could be written on the blackboard or by a teacher. This lecture article and possible quiz and/or worksheet is based on Chapter One from the Rise of the American Nation textbook.

Chapter One- Europeans Settle in the New World (1450-1624)

On the blackboard the teacher will write the following terms: Europeans, Spaniards, and British. As an outline states that building the colonies started with what was called the ‘Invincible Armada’. The teacher could also write on the board the date ‘Saturday, July 30, 1588’ which was the first battle of the New World between the Spaniards and the British out on the ocean. The teacher would find pictures of various kinds of ships and discuss the British lighter type vessel and the Spaniards larger ships.

The teacher could start a discussion on battle strategy for how confident the Spaniards were feeling, but how the English were able to move more swiftly and out of range of the Spaniards guns and boats. Wanted hand to hand combat, but the English knew they were outnumbered and out-gunned and they did not what a frontal attack. Now the teacher can mention a few famous people of the time period like Sir Francis Drake, who has contempt for the Spaniards but was only the second in command. The teacher could also mention that Drake was led by Lord Howard of Effingham who scorned Drake’s tactics. As a study aid the teacher could have the students start a list of famous people starting with Sir Francis Drake and Lord Howard of Effingham.

Going on with the lecture article the teacher could also teach geography map skills, as in falling the ocean voyage and the territory they landed. There is a running battle that lasted almost a week and the teacher can have a student come up to the map and find the Harbor of Calais (kay-al) of the coast of France. Back to history this is when the Spaniards were terrified at the sight for fire ships were bearing down on them.

Now on the blackboard the teacher can write 'Englishmen and the Invincible Armada where the English gunners paired boardside to boardside. The results showed what was left of the Spanish fleet who fled to the north around Scotland and turned south for a storm came up and wrecked many of the remaining vessels and then returned to Spain.

This is when history makes a turn and defeat of the Spaniards (Spanish Armada- another term to write on the blackboard) by the Englishman which was a decisive moment in world history. With this discussion the teacher writes the date ‘1588’ and states this is when a conflict between England and Spain erupted in the ‘English Channel’ that was a turning point in Spain’s fortunes in the New World.

Europeans search for an all-water route to far-off Asia is the next discussion. The teacher can offer a check up quiz.


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