American Revolution Battle BreakOUT Room
Sample Story line from BreakOut Room: The year is 1775, it still wasn't clear to most colonists what the heck was going on up in Massachusetts. The battle of Lexington could have been the first shots of the Revolutionary War or it could just as easily have been a skirmish between the British army and a handful of rebel hotheads. Alexander Hamilton was not throwing away his shot to make a difference after moving to New York and trying to find something to be a part of. It was this event the inspired Alexander Hamilton to join the fight as a patriot in the Revolutionary War. On March 17, 1776, HAMILTON was commissioned as captain of the Provisional Company of the New York Artillery. Hamilton, the musical will take you on a musical journey to help you discover the answer to this question.

How does “My Shot” lead to “What Comes Next?” (Hamilton the Musical Songs)

You and your classmates will need to find clues that along the way will help you understand the major battles of the American Revolution. These clues will lead you to everything you need to break into the BIG Mystery box. Inside the box, is the secret to keeping Alexander Hamilton alive...for now.
Your first clue will lead you to something that will help you find a combination to one of the boxes or bags. What is inside the box or bag will lead you to your second answer.

***Includes explicit Teacher instructions that sequence your locks and codes with pictures of my boxes or bags.
*** All QR Codes are included
*** Student worksheet that guides them step by step
*** 3 Hamilton songs are linked by QR codes or other links: These are-
1. My Shot
2. Guns and Ships
3. York Town
4. What Comes Next---Not linked but you play it at the end. The link is included for you.

Major Battles taught through the BreakOut room are:
1. Lexington and Concord
2. Trenton
3. Saratoga
4. Valley Forge
5. Yorktown
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