Ancient Egypt/ Nile River Valley:  Gifts of The Nile (Geography) Brochure
Ancient Egypt/ Nile River Valley: Gifts of The Nile (Geography) Brochure

Focus Question: How did geography and agriculture contribute to the development and growth of ancient Egyptian Civilization?

Background: After Menes unites Upper and Lower Egypt he announces that he could like a scribe to go on a fact finding mission to determine if and how the Nile River is being used by the people. He wants to make sure that his subjects are making maximum use of this vital resource. Menes wants to create a department of River Management. The Secretary of River Management will live in the palace and will be given royal status. Menes will choose the scribe that makes the most convincing presentation for this important position.

TASK: Take the role of a scribe/priest who has traveled up and down the Nile River. Explain to the Pharaoh your observations about how and why the river is being used. Do this through the creation of a brochure. You want to be chosen for the Secretary f River Management so you can live in the palace and be given royal status.

Audience: The Pharaoh and his officials.

Purpose: The purpose of your brochure is to examine and explain how he “gifts” of the Nile are aiding the Egyptians in the development of their civilization.

1. Review the assessment list for this performance task and clarify anything you do not understand
2. Gather information on how and why Egyptians made use of he Nile River
3. Record information on the graphic organizer
4. Create a brochure using Microsoft Publisher or work to highlight your findings
5. Use your assessment list to assess your brochure
6. Submit your graphic organizer and the finished draft of the brochure
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