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Check out the complete units!! Each unit comes with PowerPoint lectures which include presenter notes and video clips, worksheets, warmups, activities, review crossword, , assessment and daily lesson plans. Detailed lesson plans make no prep necessary, just copy/paste into your lesson plans. Everything is usable. Everything is planned. This bundle has everything you need to teach all about each unit of psychology! They really are, "such a time saver."

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Ancient River Valley Civilizations Entire Unit includes Early River Civilizations Powerpoint with video and presenter notes. Unit also includes, warm up PowerPoints, informational text documents with questions, primary source worksheets, maps, exit tickets, crossword review, and assessment. Everything is put together with detailed daily lesson plans. Just copy and paste to your lesson plans.

Topics Include:
Sumer, Tigris, Euphrates Rivers
Social Classes
Akkad, Sargon I
Hammurabi’s Code

Nile Valley
King Narmer/Menes
Dynasties - Old, Middle, & New Kingdoms
Government, Vizier, bureaucracy
Queen Hatshepsut
Ramses II
Egyptian Culture
King Tut, Howard Carter
Social Classes
Rosetta Stone
Science, Mathematics and Engineering

Indus River Valley Civilization
Farm and trade
Urban Planning
End Theories

China and the Shang Dynasty
Huang He(Yellow) and Yangzi Rivers
Dynasties - Xia, Shang, Zhou
Social Classes
-Shang Di
- Oracle Bones
- Yin and Yang
Mandate of Heaven
Dynastic Cylce
Silk, Silk Road

This item includes
• Early River Civilizations Powerpoint w/Video+Presenter Notes
• Shang and Zhou Dynasties Informational Text Worksheet
• Hammurabi’s Code Primary Souce Analysis
• Ancient River Civilizations Crossword Puzzle Review
• Ancient Egyptian Poem Primary Source Worksheet
• Indus Valley/Harappa Civilization Informational Text Worksheet
• Exit Tickets
• And More Not in My Store

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