Anfal Genocide of the Kurds Research Project
BACKGROUND: In the coming days we will be learning more about genocide. We will be focusing on the years of the Anfal Genocide of the Kurds-a time when millions of men, women and children were murdered solely because of their ancestry and color of their skin. It is one of the darkest chapters in human history. Yet an appalling number of people, young and old, know little or nothing about it. Even today the world has not yet learned the lesson of those terrible years. There are far too many places where hate, intolerance, and genocide still exist. Thus Anfal Genocide is no less a “Foreign story” it is a human story. Moreover, its subject matter applies to every generation. This Genocide simply about racial hatred-which is the state of mind that attacks not what makes us people but what makes us different from each other.

TASK: You will create a portfolio that reflects your feelings about the event and how it relates to our world today.

REQUIREMENTS: To complete your portfolio, you will:
1. Create a title page that includes an original title, an illustration and a quotation from the event that exemplifies the message and or meaning.
2. Create a table of Contents
3. Write an introduction that explains your title, illustration and chosen quote.
4. You will complete 4 one-paragraph journals what you learned each day. It should deal with the following:
• Record what you remember about events that day. What images or scenes stand out? Which characters stand out in your mind? What qualities make those characters memorable?
• On the last day: What did you learn from this? What questions do you have, that you did not find a “clear” answer about? How does this relate to the world today?
5. Find an example of modern day genocide in the news. Make a copy of the article you find (and include it in the project), summarize it, and explain how it relates to this Genocide and or the a different genocide in no less than 100 words.

INTERNET TASK: Choose ONE of the following:
1. Find an account of a survivor. Print a copy of that person’s account (to submit to teacher along with project) and write a reflection. What occurred? What questions would you want to ask this person if you had the chance to meet them? What new information have you learned as result of hearing their story?
2. Find three photographs that relate to this subject. Write a minimum of four sentences for each picture. Explain its meaning and how it relates to this Genocide.

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