AQA A-Level PE Applied Anatomy & Physiology:  paper, mark scheme, FB sheet & teacher  tracking
These resources are designed to monitor and assess students knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of the cardiovascular (, Respiratory system (, Neuromuscular system (, Musculo-skeletal system / analysis of movement ( and Energy systems ( The question paper is out of 77 marks and follows the following structure:

1) 5 multiple choice questions (one for each topic area)
2) Cardiovascular system: Cardiovascular drift / Double circulation loop / Redistribution of blood flow and application to areas of body / Starlings Law and anticipatory rise – out of 14 marks
3) Respiratory system: Bohr Shift / gaseous exchange / Spirometer trace / Chemical control of breathing / Av02-dif / - out of 14 marks
4) Neuromuscular system: Structural and functional characteristics of muscle fibres / PNF / All or none law and spatial summation – out of 13 marks
5) Musculo-skeletal system: Knee movement analysis / arm movement analysis / planes and axis / Lever system and mechanical advantage / disadvantage (put this in this section as taught it to them in conjunction with movement analysis) – out of 11 marks
6) Energy systems: EPOC / Plyometrics (8 marker) / 3 energy systems use and application to sports performance (8 marker)
Documents included:
1) 77 mark question paper with challenging grade boundaries calculated
2) Corresponding detailed mark scheme
3) Student diagnostic student feedback sheet that they complete after the test with a step by step guide on how to improve their application.
4) Teacher tracking excel spreadsheet for test broken down per question – already conditional formatted for you. All you need to do is add in your student names.

I hope you find these resources helpful!
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