AQA Chemistry 9-1 Revision Mats/Grids for Unit 4 Chemical Changes Acids, Alkalis and Neutralisation

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These simple revision mats can be printed A3 with a single sheet forming a revision activity for an entire topic.

These 3 printable A3 mats cover unit 4 part 2 - acids, alkalis and neutralisation

Mat 1
Reaction of metals with acids to produce salts and hydrogen
Formation of hydrogen and hydroxide ion in solution
Neutralisation and salt formation
Names and formulae of common laboratory acids
Names and formulae of common laboratory alkalis
Charges on common ions
Soluble and insoluble hydroxides
Metals and acids as redox reactions

Mat 2
Formation of soluble salts by evaporation and crystallisatiion
pH scale and neutralisation
Indicators vs. pH probes
Calculations for titrations
Ionic equation for neutralisation

Mat 3
Strong and weak acids
Ionisation of acids
Difference between the terms strong and weak and concentrated and dilute
The meaning of the pH scale

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