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My name is Becky Green and I teach in a secondary school in North Manchester. I have been a teacher now for over 10 years. I have been Head of Geography and now work as Head of Humanities, overlooking both the History and Geography departments. My passion is making engaging and thought provoking lessons which aim to inspire and promote my subjects not only amongst the pupils but the wider school. Twitter: @teachgeogblog

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Full scheme of lessons and resources to support the new AQA specification Paper 1: living with the Physical Environment.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Physical Environments
Lesson 2: Coastal Processes
Lesson 3: Weathering and Deposition
Lesson 3.5: Weathering and Deposition (2)
Lesson 4: Headland Erosion
Lesson 5: Coastal Deposition
Lesson 6: Case Study: Swanage
Lesson 7: Coastal Management
Lesson 8: Holderness Coastline Management
Lesson 9: River Processes
Lesson 10: Landforms in the Upper Course
Lesson 11: Landforms in the Middle Course
Lesson 12: Landforms in the Lower Course
Lesson 13: Hydrographs




3 years ago

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