Assignment Briefs for Level 3 BTEC Applied Science

I use these for our Applied Science Medical & Forensics groups. May be useful as a starting point for your own assignments.


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  • Thistledome8 months agoReport

    Really helpful resource, thank you.
    I am teaching BTEC Applied Science level 3 for the first time and I am really struggling. I don't want to let the students down and feel I do not know anything. I would really appreciate any further help or advice on teaching - writing assignment briefs and SOW. I am just starting on unit 22 and feeling really inadequate. I am also considering unit 27 and can find nothing to help. In return I have resources for new KS3 I can share and A level chemistry resources.

  • Good for teachers but where can I find resource lists for the practicals ?

  • This was so useful - excellent resource. I am trying to find similar briefs for unit 12. Do you have any idea where i could get it?

  • craiglions2 years agoReport

    Thank you on behalf of my students. Hey exam board, try doing a bit more for them, too!

  • The assignment briefs are absolutely great! Ive never taught Unit 22 before so am a little nervous. Do you or anyone else you know have any resources for this unit? I would really appreciate some help.... Thanks!