Bastille Day / French Revolution PowerPoint Quiz (La Fête Nationale) - 40 Questions

This is an interactive 40 question, interactive PowerPoint quiz on Bastille Day ( La Fête Nationale) and the French Revolution. Bastille Day is France's National Day and takes place on 14th July.

The quiz can be used for individuals or teams. There is a sheet for individuals/teams to record answers. The answers to the questions can be found by clicking on the flag image on the bottom right- hand corner of each slide. There are three multiple choice answers.

Sample questions include

  • On what date is Bastille Day?

  • What is Bastille Day known as in France??

  • In what year did the storming of the Bastille take place?

  • What was the Bastille?

  • Who was the King of France at the time of the storming of the Bastille?

  • Who was King Louis XVI’s wife?

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    Bastille Day / La Fête Nationale PowerPoint Assembly / Lesson Presentation (

    This resource contains an interesting and informative 60-slide lesson/assembly on Bastille Day and the French Revolution which takes place on 14th July.

    It contains references to

  • The causes of the French Revolution

  • The key events of the French Revolution

  • King Louis XVI

  • The Three Estates

  • The French Flag

  • The French National Anthem

  • The establishment of Bastille Day

  • Bastille Day celebrations

  • The PowerPoint contains three hyperlinks to the French National anthem, an animated video of the history of Bastille Day and the French Revolution and Bastille Day celebrations in Paris.

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