Beatrix Potter Play for 5-7 yrs Part II

Beatrix Potter Class Play or Assembly for Key Stage I (5 – 7 year olds) Part II
This is the second of a set of four – Parts I, II and III cover five tales each, and Part IV covers six. Thus, twenty-one in total.
Cast of 25 (easily adapted up or down) and duration of around 10 minutes – this is reading time so performance can take it beyond this with possibility of further additions.
• Tale 6 The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-winkle
• Tale 7 The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher
• Tale 8 The Tale of Tom Kitten
• Tale 9 The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck
• Tale 10 The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies
Cast of *25 plus Narrator (this role to be taken by the Class Teacher):
*As Jemima features twice, the cast could be 24, if Jemima doubles up – appearing in Group III and IV.
5 groups:
Group I (5 speakers)
• Lucie
• Tabby Kitten (Cat)
• Sally Henny-penny (Speckled hen)
• Cock Robin (Robin)
• Mrs. Tiggy-winkle
Sample Text
Lucie: Here are my hankies!
Cat: Here are my mittens!
Hen: Here are my yellow stockings!
Robin: And here is my scarlet waistcoat!
Mrs. Tiggy-winkle: All beautifully washed and ironed!
Narrator: What a fabulous washer-woman you are, Mrs. Tiggy-winkle!
Group II (5 speakers)
• Jeremy Fisher
• Minnow
• Trout
• Newt (Sir Isaac Newton)
• Tortoise (Mr. Alderman Ptolemy)
Sample Text
Narrator: It seems fishing is rather a dangerous business!
Jeremy Fisher: Well, I had to get my guests something to eat!
Newt: But we don’t like fish, Jeremy!
Narrator: Oh dear! A bit of a dinner disaster?
Tortoise: Not at all! I bought a nice plate of salad
Group III (7 speakers)
• Mrs Tabitha Twitchit (Mother)
• Mittens
• Tom Kitten
• Moppet
• Rebeccah Puddle-Duck
• Jemima Puddle-Duck
• Mr. Drake Puddle-Duck
Sample Text
Narrator: What well-behaved kittens! And very generous, from what I’ve heard!
Rebeccah: (Strutting up and down) Look at this lovely hat (pauses) and pinafore!
Jemima: (Strutting up and down) Look at this lovely tucker (pauses) and pinafore!
Mr. Drake: (Strutting up and down) And just look at my smart outfit – blue jacket and trousers!
Narrator: The perfect fit! Who would have thought they were meant
Tabitha: (Shrieking) For my kittens!
Group IV (3 speakers)
• Jemima Puddle-Duck
• Fox
• Kep (collie-dog)
Sample Text
Jemima: (Looking around) Now, where are those eggs?
Kep: Don’t worry. Someone in the farmyard will find them for you!
Fox: If I don’t get to them first!
Kep: (Growling) You had your chance! And blew it! Now beat it!
Narrator: Oh dear! That’s no way to speak to this gentleman, Kip! Where are your manners?
Jemima: That fox is no gentleman! He won’t fool me again!

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