Beginners French scheme of work & all resources

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This is a wikispace ( a collaborative website) where the QCA Units 1-6 have been broken down lesson by lesson, with all the flashcards, songs, powerpoints, soundfiles needed provided. The resources are all made by teachers and used in their own classes that have been shared across the web, the wiki simple links them together in one space to save hunting them down one by one. Some resources - videos are YouTube/teachertube so if blocked in school download at home first.

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CreatedFeb 5, 2011
UpdatedSep 12, 2014

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    user avatarFHMurray2 years agoReport

    I can't seem to locate any files or a link to these resources... Wondering if it is because of the transfer to the new site. Would it be possible to fix it? I would love to see the resources!

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    user avatarYolenn2 years agoReport

    Waow amazing, thanks a lot ^^

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    user avatarcloudgazer2 years agoReport

    Wow this is amazing, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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    Wow! Amazing resource!

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    user avatarTORS233 years agoReport

    Great, love that the resources are with it. Made my life much easier, thanks!