Berlin Wall Video

A video I created for my year nine group to teach them about the history of Berlin. 2 powerpoints - one with just a true or fasle activity and one with some examples of the differences between the east and west. A link to a Sandman video (East Germany) - and some supporting vocab on the ppt. Features video clips from the Guardian website (downloaded as podcasts


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    hellsiea year agoReport

    Unfortunately the Youtube video is no longer available: "Sandmann" This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv.

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    This PPT can be a good starting point but there are mistakes and not only in the language. For example,Trabant was not the only car in the GDR (Wartburg, Lada,Skoda!) and there were beautiful houses in the GDR, too and not just Plattenbau. We did wear jeans ( if you had connections to the West you had them) and watched TV channels from the West all the time (but did not talk about it). I would recommend or for more research and balanced view.

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    lfenner12 years agoReport

    Great video, thank you.

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    csolo3 years agoReport

    Only the video, the pupil powerpoint and the pubilsher activity were useful