This activity is based around food shopping. Students are given a selection of products which could be distributed on entrance to the classroom. They can then use the unitary method to cancel a ratio down to use to compare the different products. Students are then required to purchase items on the shopping list for the best value and fill in the receipt to show what they have bought. You could build on the products as the shopping list allows for 'an extra treat'.


  • Best Buy Shopping List Items.pdf
  • Best Buy Shopping List.pdf
  • Best Buy Shopping Student Receipt.pdf

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17 Reviews

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    user avatarDaveGale9 months agoreport

    A lovely resource which has students going 'shopping' with their list to root out the bargains. A good mixture of units are included and they even have to fill in their own receipt. Great - thanks!

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    user avatarghoshie2 years agoreport

    making me hungry...

  • 4

    could be just what I need.

  • 5

    Just what I was looking for, thank you!

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    user avatarmissourire3 years agoreport

    Excellent, thanks for sharing!