This #GoogleExpeditions lesson develops student skills understanding of biomes and ecosystems.

This introductory lesson introduces students to the main biomes around the planet, their features and locations. Further in-depth lessons on the different biomes are listed below.

Google Expeditions are immersive 360 degree photo stories designed for use in the classroom. For more see:

This is Google Expeditions Lesson is number 1 of a 4 lesson sequence. It can be used as a standalone lesson or in conjunction with others listed below (links go to Google Docs versions of the lessons).

Lesson 1: Google Expeditions: Biomes – Introduction

Lesson 2: Google Expeditions: Biomes – Tundra and Taiga

Lesson 3: Google Expeditions: Biomes – Tropical Rainforest and Temperate Forests

Lesson 4: Google Expeditions: Biomes – Savannah and Desert

Cover image credit: Wikipedia – Jeffrey Pang