BONFIRE NIGHT,  GUY FAWKES resources Gunpowder plot fireworks KS1 KS2 HISTORY CELEBRATIONS
Resources include:

1.Information pack about the Gunpowder Plot, Guy Fawkes, key places, traditions such as bonfires and fireworks.
2.Bonfire night poem to read
3.Alphabet flashcards on colourful fireworks
4.Colouring pages
5.Guy Fawkes face mask to use in role plays
6.Face mask template to make your own face masks of Guy Fawkes, the King, etc
7.Design your own Guy Fawkes activity
8.Design a fireworks display poster
9.Design your own Guy Fawkes doll
10.Draw a firework display activity
11.2 Mazes
12.Hand puppet template
13.2 posters showing what to do in case of a fire – contacting the fire brigade and evacuating
14.Poster showing how to call an ambulance
15.Acrostic poem template
16.Firework code poster
17.Firework code pocket size cards – great for sending home with children
18.Key word cards – great for display or to use in discussions
19.Photo pack showing fireworks and bonfires
20.Number flashcards 1-20 on sticky toffee apples
21.Counting cards 1-10 – count and match the number to the amount of fireworks
22.Themed writing frames
23.Themed drawing frames
24.Workbook cover to keep pupils work together
25.Story board to write a bonfire night story
26.Story booklet to retell the story of the Gunpowder Plot
27.Tic tac toe game with fire safety theme
28.Play-doh mat
29.Word mat
30.Resources sack tag
31.Newspaper report writing activity
32.Size order and measuring task
33.Word search
34.Wanted poster to complete
35.Anagram letters task
36.Make words from letters task
37.Long banner ‘Bonfire Night’
38.Long banner ‘Guy Fawkes Night’
39.Extra large letters spelling Bonfire Night.
40.A4 size poster to head display or introduce topic
41.A range of display boards and backing paper to make an attractive display
42.Useful images to add to display
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  • bonfire-night-pic.png
  • firework-code-poster.pdf
  • the-gunpowder-plot-story.pdf
  • letters-for-title.pdf
  • long-banner.pdf
  • wanted-poster-to-complete.pdf
  • useful-images.pptx
  • guy-fawkes-long-banner.pdf
  • staying-safe-cards-to-take-home-or-help-make-posters.pdf
  • guy-fawkes-face-mask.pdf
  • display-borders.pdf
  • alphabet-on-fire-works.pdf
  • photo-pack.pdf
  • writing-booklet-cover.pptx
  • word-mat.pdf
  • colouring-pages.pdf
  • crackle-spit-firework-poem-poster.pdf
  • newspaper-report-gunpowder-plot.pdf
  • 2-in-case-of-an-emergency-posters-for-fire-service.pdf
  • Size-Order-fireworks.pdf
  • drawing-frames.pdf
  • play-mat.pdf
  • in-case-of-an-emergency-poster-for-ambulance.pdf
  • bonfire-night-sign-A4.pdf
  • key-word-cards.pptx
  • writing-borders.pdf
  • fire-safety-tic-tac-toe.pdf
  • find-the-sparkler-mazes.pdf
  • sack-tag.pdf
  • numbers-1-20-on-toffee-apples.pdf
  • counting-and-matching-cards.pptx
  • make-words-from-letters-in-gunpowder-plot.pdf
  • guy-fawkes-word-search.pdf
  • design-a-fireowrks-display-poster.pdf
  • word-search.pdf
  • gunpowder-plot-maze.pdf
  • blank-hand-puppet-for-pupils-to-draw.pdf
  • story-booklet-to-complete.pdf
  • make-words-from-letters-in-bonfire-night.pdf
  • design-your-own-guy-fawkes-mask.pdf
  • Story-Board.pdf
  • design-your-own-guy-fawkes-doll.pdf
  • acrostic-poem-task.pdf
  • draw-a-firework-display.pdf
  • backing-paper-for-display-if-needed.pdf
  • copyright.pdf

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