Scheme of work for biology and chemistry modules - BTEC 2010 spec. Includes assessment materials and resources. Represents a work in progress and has not yet been used with learners. One link to explanation (a year old now) and one link to my site where these resources are hosted, they are also available to download from the TES.


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    user avatarthebesthasan3 months agoreport

    Thank you very much. Nice to get them.

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    user avatarmaggiejtbg5 years agoreport

    Thank you so much for sharing some brilliant resources :)

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    Hi. I am just wondering if any of you have got any resources for the chemistry units for level 3 btec please? I am an NQT and I am struggling a bit about finding the resources for the btec course level 3. I would really appreciate some help please. thank u..

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    user avatarMrsBowman7 years agoreport

    Persevere (not sure if that is how you spell it)

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    user avatarjaffaberry7 years agoreport

    broken link. Hiya

    The link doesn't appear to be working so will check back again soon. :)

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