Both the assignment and the booklet for Teachers and students give some of the foundation of the BTEC unit 8 course . The Workbook provides tasks, guiding the students towards M1 and D1 evidence required . Without templates, studying this Course could easily be a difficult course for some students. These resources have been developed from contributions from other teachers and myself.


  • UNIT8assignment5M1,D1workbook.doc
  • Unit8assignmentM1D1.doc

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    user avatarFOODTECHB8 months agoreport

    very helpful thank you

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    user avatarboluda783 years agoreport

    Thank you so much for sharing these. I'm new to BTEC and was feeling quite clueless. thank you :)

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    A lot of useful sheets for BTEC Hospitality. May need reformatting before use dependant on your version of word but very helpful. Thanks for sharing.