This is a SOL (mostly finished) and Assignments for BTEC Level 2 Applied Science. If you find them useful, by all means use them, however if you need to amend them - please let me know.


  • BTEC Unit 18 SoL.doc
  • Assignment 1.doc
  • Assignment 2.doc
  • Assignment 3.doc
  • Assignment 4.doc
  • Assignment 5.doc
  • Assignment 6.doc
  • Assignment 7.doc

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7 Reviews

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    user avatarfmunoz15 years agoreport

    Thank you so much. I'm planning for next year and have found these resources extremely helpful. If you could also upload some of the resources mentioned as the powerpoint presentations it would be even greater, but anyway, it's been really useful and I'm sure it will help my teaching and it will help my students! :)

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    user avatar09158195 years agoreport

    FANTASTIC RESOURCE!!! This has saved me so much time! Please could you email the resources my address is Thank you!!

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    user avatarmdaviesinc5 years agoreport

    Thank you... I am now about to teach L3 unit 44 Astronomy...A useful reference !

  • 5
    user avatarlozz1106 years agoreport

    This was really useful thank you- could i have any of the resources you have used that go with the scheme of work as saves reinventing the wheel- my email address is Thanks

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    user avatardaviwend6 years agoreport

    thank you, thank you, thank you!