BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care Unit 5 A1, A2 People Skills and A3 Empathy theories

This is a package for teaching the Unit 5 A1, A2 and A3 part of the spec. It consists of a Microsoft Word 32 booklet which you can add and alter to suit your teaching style. Students can make notes, complete research task and activities and have all these together as reference for when they write up their course work. There are 9 PowerPoints to ensure interactive interesting teaching and embedded videos to bring reality into the classroom too. This booklet refers to the case studies update from November 2018.

This resources covers the below areas:-
A1 Promoting equality, diversity and preventing discrimination
• Definition of equality, diversity and discrimination.
• Importance of preventing discrimination.
• Initiatives aimed at preventing discrimination in care, e.g. the use of advocacy services.

A2 Skills and personal attributes required for developing relationships with individuals
• the 6Cs – care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment
• people skills – empathy, patience, engendering trust, flexibility, sense of humour, negotiating skills, honesty and problem-solving skills
• communication skills – communicating with service users, colleagues and other professionals, e.g. active listening and responding, using appropriate tone of voice and language, clarifying, questioning, responding to difficult situations
• observation skills, e.g. observing changes in an individual’s condition, monitoring children’s development
• dealing with difficult situations

A3 Empathy and establishing trust with individuals

Learners require an overview of the different theories of empathy and the various methods of establishing positive relationships with individuals in their care.
• Attachment and emotional resilience theory to include the effect of secure attachments and support on emerging autonomy and resilience.
• The triangle of care.
• Empathy theories e.g. Johannes Volkelt, Robert Vischer, Martin Hoffman and Max Scheler

I hope you find these resources useful, good luck in your teaching :-)

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