BTEC Level 3 Science Assignment Briefs

Assignment briefs for Certificate
1 - Fundamental of Science, 2 Working in the Science Industry and 4 Practical Scientific Techniques.

Assignment briefs for Subsidiary Diploma
11 - Physiology of Human Body Systems, 20 Medical Physics Techniques, 22 Chemical Laboratory Techniques and 44 Astronomy.

Approved by my standards verifier.

Last updated Jan 13, 2015, created Jul 6, 2013
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    This is an absolutely fantastic resource! We have just started running the BTEC level 3 Applied Science this year so we are struggling a bit with getting hold of good quality resources! Your Unit 4 briefs are excellent! Do you have the practical sheets to go with them? I don't fancy reinventing the wheel if you can ping them across on an email! Email address is

    I can send you back some of the resources I have for Chemistry or KS3 if you need anything.

    Thank you!!

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    I was really grateful that you shared this, thank you. It's especially useful to know that it has been approved. I may be being a bit thick, but I cannot work out how students could actually use their own observations to make an accurate star map. Any advice you can offer me would be great.. :-)

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    I really love your unit 4 assignment 4 - scientific investigations. Do you have the worksheets that go with these assignments? If so, could you email them across to Many thanks

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    Really life saver, thanks

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    Really helpful resource, thank you.
    I am teaching BTEC Applied Science level 3 for the first time and I am really struggling. I don't want to let the students down and feel I do not know anything. I would really appreciate any further help or advice on teaching - assignment briefs and SOW. I am just starting on unit 22 and feeling really inadequate. I am also considering unit 27 and can find nothing to help. In return I have resources for new KS3 I can share and A level chemistry resources. Really grateful for any help, email Thank you

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