Building tension and suspense - KS2 Literacy

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Follow me on twitter @Mr_Rathe and my site for more ICT and Shakespeare teaching ideas... A Lesson Plan over 2 days building to a Big Write with Suspenseful writing techniques. Supporting material- Online Prezi PPT with video, suspenseful music and pictorial writing prompts. Includes reinforcement of features of suspenseful writing; short sentences/paragraphs, powerful verbs, ellipsis, use of senses, similes/metaphors etc. Includes link to BBC interview with Malorie Blackman re creating tension.

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Narrative suspense planner KS2

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CreatedJul 2, 2012
UpdatedOct 26, 2016

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    user avatartyette2 months agoReport

    Thanks for sharing this plan. Will use with Year 5 class.

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    user avatarleromancer3 months agoReport

    Great but the Malorie Blackman link doesn't work any longer????

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    user avatarkimdaisy5 months agoReport

    Hi I love this resource. I have used it with a previous class and wanted to use it again this year however when I click to down load the presentation loads and not the lesson plan. If you could help it would be great.
    Thank you in advance

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    user avatardivingliz10 months agoReport

    I love this resource and so do my Year 6 students! Thank you for sharing.

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    user avatardaisypeach10 months agoReport

    Amazing Resource!