BUNDLE: COLONIAL MERCHANTS AND SHOPKEEPERS - Lesson, Reading Comprehension, and Bingo
This bundle includes informational text on Colonial merchants, shopkeepers and peddlers as well as colonial money, bartering, trading and more.

Included are my three “Colonial Merchants and Shopkeepers” Products:

• Colonial Careers: Shopkeepers, Merchants and Peddlers ($5.00 value)
• Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions ($4.00 value)
• Bingo – Colonial Merchants, Shopkeepers and Peddlers ($4.00 value)

Buy this bundle and get all three products for only $10.00

This product is perfect for SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS, enrichment learning, homeschool or co-ops! The reading passages are great for CLOSE READING with any non-fiction graphic organizer. THIS LESSON INCLUDES READING PASSAGES, COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS, TEACHER’S KEY, CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES, BINGO CARDS AND CLUES, AND NON-FICTION GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS.

Informational Text
There are ten reading passages of informational text about the topic: Colonial Merchants, Shopkeepers, and Peddlers. The passages cover the following topics:
 Early Colonists - Acquiring Goods
 The Navigation Acts
 Trading and Bartering
 Colonists’ Attempts at Money
o Commodity Money
o Wampum
o Coins in the Colonies: English Coins, Foreign Coins, Colonial Coins
 Merchants vs. Shopkeepers vs. Peddlers
 Colonial Peddlers
 The Peddler’s Reputation
 The First General Stores
 Well-Known Colonial Merchants: Mary Alexander and Peter Faneuil
 Examples of Colonial Shopkeepers

This Bundle also includes BINGO Cards and Clues

36 Unique Bingo Cards (18 pages with two cards per sheet)
The Caller’s Tracking Sheet
24 Calling Cards Containing Words and Clues

The words in this BINGO set relate to the topic and makes the perfect review for the pages of informational text that are included in this product: Apothecary; Bartering; Cartwright; Chandlers; Cobblers; Cooper; Double Coincidence of Wants; Duty; Exporting; Glassware, China and Paper; Importing; Mary Alexander; Mercantilism; Merchant; Milliner; Navigation Acts; Peddler; Peter Faneuil; Pound, Shilling and Pence; Shipwright; Shopkeeper; Spanish Coins; Wampum; Wheelwright

This BUNDLE includes the following CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES:
 Job Application
 Create a Business Plan!
 Trade Day!
 Create Your Business Sign
 Venn Diagram and Teacher’s Key
 Match the Colonial Sign to the Business
 Money Math
 Writing Prompt
 Bartering Simulation
 Coloring Pages
 Organize Your General Store
 Suggested Books

I have also included Non-Fiction Graphic Organizers and a suggested reading list.
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