Card Sort: How successfully did the AAA solve the problems facing US farmers 1919 - 1939?
This great resource is designed to help students evaluate the economic, social and environmental problems facing US farmers 1919 - 1939. It can also be used to help students evaluate how successfully which problems the New Deal Alphabet Agency AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Administration) either solved or indirectly created. It can be used as a starter or plenary or along side another resource that I have uploaded on my TES shop 'The New Deal: AAA.'

The resource includes three factor cards labelled economic, social and environment as well as fourteen statement cards describing the problems faced by US farmers 1919 - 1939. The resource also includes a learning objective, instructions and two addition extension tasks. The first asks students to Review their cards you have sorted and create a key to show which problems were solved or created by the AAA. The second task asks students to write an extended answer evaluating 'how successful was the AAA at solving the problems of US farmers in the 1930s?'.

The learning objectives for this lesson are:

Theme: The USA 1919 - 1939.
Know: What problems faced USA farmers 1919 - 1939?
Understand: Which problems were caused by economic, social or environmental factors?
Evaluate: How successfully did the AAA solve the problems facing US farmers?

WILF: What Am I looking For?
Identify & describe: What problems faced US farmers 1919 - 1939?
Explain: Which factors were caused by economic, social or environmental problems?
Evaluate: How successful was the US governments action to help farmers through the AAA?

The resource is supplied in Microsoft Word so it can be easily adapted to suit the needs of your students. If you like this resource then why not check out my other resources on this topic in my TES shop. You can also follow 'The History Academy' on Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Facebook for the latest updates or even to get in touch and chat about how you have used this resource or to ask questions. We aim to produce cheap and affordable resources for either the price of a good cup of coffee or a happy meal so that you can spend more time doing the things that you want.

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