Card Sort: Why did people migrate to the USA in 1900?

This outstanding resource is designed to help students understand why people from all over the world but particularly Europe, came to the USA in 1900. It is designed to be used as a starter or plenary for a history lesson but could also be used to provide a case study for a geography or personal social lesson on immigration in general.

The resource includes two heading cards, push and pull factors as well as twelve statement cards to be sorted under them. These cards include space, growing economy, natural resources, wages, unemployment, adventure, persecution, isolation and peace, lack of opportunity and war and revolution.

The aims and objectives for this lesson are:

Theme: The USA in the 1920s
Know: Why did people what to immigrate to the USA in 1900?
Understand: Which reasons were push and pull factors?
Evaluate: Which factors were more significant or linked?

WILF - What Am I Looking For?
Identify and describe: Why did people want to immigrate to the USA?
Explain: Which reasons were push and pull factors?
Analyse: Which factors were more important or linked together?

Once the cards have been sorted, students can start to rearrange the push and pull factors to find links between them and / or organise them into their order of importance before sticking them into their books.

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