Celia Cruz Biografía: Spanish Biography + Song Cloze Activity on Guantanamera

This 5-page file includes:

~A Spanish biography about the life and times of the famous Cuban singer Celia Cruz. It discusses her leaving Cuba after the revolution, her career in the United States, her marriage and her performances. Reading includes a full glossary of new vocabulary.
~The second page is a worksheet with 10 reading comprehension questions in Spanish based on the reading.
~Lyrics to her song Guantanamera with lyrics missing to complete! (Also includes glossary of vocabulary)
~Answer Key (2pgs)

Activity idea: Play the song Guantanamera for your students so they can follow along with the lyrics. This reading is a great complement on latin music!

Link to video for song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jaoXKpi7N4
Level: Mostly past tenses



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