This resource supports the CACHE Child Care and Education level 2 specification and is also suitable for other courses within Health and Social Care. The unit has been designed so that teachers can use it with groups of students using a data projector and interactive whiteboard. It is also possible for learners to use the resource for self study and revision.


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    Excellent resources to manipulate and engage learners in activities, thank you : )

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    user avatarjim19944 years agoreport

    great Resource helped my classes become more interested in it just by the layout of it all. 5 star Quality.

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    user avatarsugary694 years agoreport

    I have said this once in an email to you but feel I need to reiterate how fantastic this resource is..........Thank you so much.

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    user avatarjimmyone8 years agoreport

    Brilliant. This is a fantist free resource, really useful and easy to use. Thank you :)

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    user avatarapril18978 years agoreport

    Hugely diverse tool for learning. I can't wait to start using this with my students. Looks like it will be a wonderful tool for them to access for revision purposes as well. Love how easy it is to navigate! Thanks for all the time and effort put into developing this!