Child Friendly IEP or Provision Map

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We have used these maps very successfully at my current school and we added an additional page with the extra provision we provided for each child. Parents really like them :)

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Child friendly IEP or Provision Map

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CreatedJun 20, 2011
UpdatedNov 26, 2012

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    user avatarTikkun2 years agoReport

    Brilliant! Thank so much - looking for some 'child friendly' ieps - this one really fits the bill!

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    user avatarSueGerrish6 years agoReport

    This is so good - I can see myself using it with our children and they will enjoy using it as it's so child-friendly. Many thanks.

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    user avatarcheeryh6 years agoReport

    this is great - just the sort of thing I was looking for - enough detail to add everything too

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