China Now - website to introduce China to primary students

This website includes a PowerPoint presentation for use in class or assembly entitled ‘Welcome to China’, together with teachers’ notes. It’s suitable for primary students and introduces China to students. The resource pack contains suggested activities lin ked to the national curriculum and sample schemes of work.


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  • evcoffey7 years agoReport

    confused :-(. This link doesn't seem to be working, Has it expired? Is there any other way I can access this powerpoint presentation?

  • thehawk8 years agoReport

    china. very useful

  • iclal8 years agoReport

    Bumper start for 2008 Beijing Olympics. Welcome to China Pack is an accessible resource with a power point presentation and useful notes for primary schools. Excellent start on a spring term with this colourful and practical resource to introduce China to pupils before the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I think schools should make the use of it to integrate China as a cross curricular topic throughout the term which I will do by also organising workshops through China Now website. Thumbs up!!

Nov 14, 2007
Feb 15, 2013