Flash cards in three versions, pinyin, pinyin and character and character only. These flash cards cover 19 basic words to enable learners to greet each other and can be used as required. They are designed to be printed on A4 and laminated.


  • Unit 1 - characters.pdf
  • Unit 1 - combined.pdf
  • Unit 1 - pinyin.pdf

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5 Reviews

  • 4

    Just downloaded. Looks great. Can't wait to use it with my stage 1 class

  • 4

    Very useful the Pinyin Xie Xie

  • 2
    user avatarjac1233 years agoreport

    Until I know what each character means I would be unable to use them

  • 2
    user avatarskim_cat5 years agoreport

    Translation would be really useful x

  • 4

    These look good but could we have the translation too please? Thank you