These are the vocabulary worksheets for Games, puzzles and activities 1 to 5. The vocabulary is taken from YCT Level 1, with additional useful words and phrases. It is suggested that students fill in the English meaning of the pinyin words so the sheet can be used for revision. It is also a good idea to use these sheets as pronunciation guides.The five links below, which open in new windows ready for printing, are for the five study sheets e.g. games, puzzle or activities with a reference 3.2a will use vocabulary from Study Sheet 3.


  • Study Sheet 1.pdf
  • Study Sheet 2.pdf
  • Study Sheet 3.pdf
  • Study Sheet 4.pdf
  • Study Sheet 5.pdf

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    These 5 vocabulary lists consist of words and phrases in pinyin for a range of common contexts. Writing the English next to each word is a useful exercise for students doing any of the uploaded CLP worksheets.