Christmas Symbols: Tiered Literacy and Math Activities
Support student learning with Christmas symbols math and literacy activities!

The “Christmas Symbols Literacy and Math Activities” can be completed by the entire class, by small groups of students, or it can be completed as an independent study by students who need to be challenged.

There are four parts to the unit:

Part One: Activate Prior Knowledge

The activities in part one include a scavenger hunt, a newsletter, and a set of mini-books. These activities are intended to activate and/or build background knowledge about the topic. The scavenger hunt can be completed online or by using books found in the classroom or library.

Part Two: Apply Knowledge

Students use the information gained from part one, along with other knowledge and experiences about the topic, to develop various math and literacy skills. Answer keys are provided.

Part Three: Make Personal Connections

Part three of the unit includes a series of activities that are designed for students to apply their knowledge and make personal connections with the topic.

Part Four: Formative Assessment

A series of formative assessments are included for use by students and teachers.

Table of Contents

Teacher Notes
Scavenger Hunt
Christmas Symbols Newsletter
Christmas Symbols Mini-Books
-Symbols of Christmas
-Red and Green
-Santa Claus
-Christmas Activities
-Candy Canes
-Christmas Stockings
Comprehension Questions
Vocabulary Activity
Cloze Activities
Graphing Activities
Tiered Problem Solving Booklets
Addition and Subtraction to 10
Addition and Subtraction to 20
Addition and Subtraction to 100 (without regrouping)
Addition and Subtraction to 100 (with regrouping)
Math Fluency Activity Sheets
Design a New Christmas Symbol Activity
Writing Activities
Problem Solving Checklist Bookmarks
Writing Checklist Bookmarks
Exit Cards

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