Christopher Columbus

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This is quite basic, really aimed for year 1 or year 2 - adding more info would allow it to be adapted for older year groups, but it deals with the first voyage in a way that I think suits the younger classes.

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Christopher Columbus

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CreatedApr 25, 2012
UpdatedSep 1, 2014

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    user avatarzjones112 days agoReport

    Good to introduce the topic. Thanks

  • 5
    user avatarNats123410 months agoReport

    Thank you!

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    Thanks for the resource. I have edited it a bit to include chocolate etc. very useful

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    user avatarcm444a year agoReport

    Nice resource- however your information is wrong - Columbus did NOT discover America... The Vikings did. His journeys marked the beginning of further exploration but that is all... The last slide implies that he discovered it so you will want to alter that

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    user avatarstarsquare2 years agoReport

    Looks helpful - thank you!

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