cian suffix - /dʒ/ sound: Worksheets / Workbook
This resource includes a set of 16 differentiated worksheets on words ending in 'cian'. (The /dʒ/ sound spelt as 'cian' at the end of words National curriculum , English programmes of study Year 2)

The tasks include:

1. Missing words worksheets. (3 differentiated)
2. Anagrams - (3 differentiated)
3. Sets of spellings - (2 worksheets - ideal for homework)
4. Using cian words in sentences (3 differentiated worksheets)
5. Word searches (3 differentiated)
6. Cian root words exercise (1 worksheet)
7. Definition of cian words ( 1 worksheet)

An accompanying 60-slide PowerPoint presentation on words ending in -cian is also available

PowerPoint Lesson - Words Ending in Suffix cian

This resource is a fully editable PowerPoint lesson explaining when to use 'cian'.

The PowerPoint includes

- Adding 'cian' with examples of words and root word
- Spelling challenges
- Anagram challenge
- Missing letter challenge

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PowerPoint Lesson and Set of 15 Worksheets - Words Ending in Suffix cian

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