Civil Rights during the Harlem Renaissance- compared to today (Generation Z) project
Harlem Renaissance Compared to Today: Generation Z/ Boomlets

“Harlem was made known as the scene of laughter, singing,
dancing……Writers flocked there; many came from afar,
and depicted it in many ways and in many languages.
They still come; the Harlem of story and song still fascinates them.”

-James Weldon Johnson’s 1933 description of the Harlem Renaissance:

The word Renaissance, means “rebirth” or awakening, a time where art and individuality foolish. During the years 1919 to 1934 Harlem, New York became a haven for African Americans, and the backdrop for the flowering of so many outstanding authors, poets, dramatists, artists, and musicians in a short span of time. Harlem became the center ; the hub from which the works flowed. There was a desire on the part of these artists to share their life stories from their African roots to their lives in the South and in the North. At a time when racism and social political injustices were part of the fabric of American society, these artists through their work expressed a strong cultural pride and a burning desire for political and social equality. The literature, art, and music of the period portray the despair of generations, of unfilled promises, as well as the dream of a new society based on equality of opportunity.

Your Task: Compare the Harlem Renaissance with that of your generation

1. Migration Patterns-
o Where are the majority of people (ethnics groups) and why?
o Which cities in US have largest population?
2. The Music Scene-Venues-
o Choose 2
o describe them, who goes/went there, socio-economic, genres of the era
3. Singers
o famous singers of the era- and why they represent the era/ time period
o 1 song that represents economics
o 1song to represent society,
o 1 song to represent politics
o Analyze those songs completely-( I.C.E.D & OPVL)
4. Dance
o [Give at least 3- what do you believe each represents]
5. Poetry
o find a poem that represents the era, use the poem analysis sheet to help you describe it. The event/ description cannot be the same as one mentioned in another section
o Use the poem analysis sheet to help guide your analysis
6. Writers
o [books of the era and what they wrote about- choose 2 only one can be fiction- how does this represent your generation, why did the author write this, summarize the literature?]
o Use I.C.E.D
o Cannot be same historical events as above
7. Art
o [Choose 2 and explain the meaning- famous paintings, statues, architecture, etc.]
o Use the art analysis sheet to help you
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