Civil Rights Today- Student Choice Assignment
Although the Civil Rights movement saw the most change during the 1960s, our society still has a bit of room to grow and improve, your job is to:
Question: What is needed/ necessary for change to occur?
1) Research a civil rights issue that is going ton today in our global or American society.
a. (women, blacks, riots, children, Chicano, Native Americans, Middle Eastern, LGBT, etc….)

2) You will then act as a journalist and alert the public about this concern, giving public details about a current problem in our society
a. Describe the event including
• Background of the issue
• Spark
• The event in details
• Who is the victim
• Who is doing the harm
• Event step by step
• Police action
• Media Action
• Federal Government/ State government action
• Leaders and their role
• Outcome
3) Which event this is similar to that we have learned about during our civil Rights unit and explain (Cite Reasoning)

4) Which amendments/ rights are being violated- explain fully

5) Have there been court cases on this issue- if so describe and explain where, what was the result, etc…

6) Describe which Civil Rights Leader (MLK Jr. , Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, Alice Paul, Kennedy, Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR, Obama, etc…) would be best to help you in your quest and explain reasons as to why
a. cite things he/she did to help aid the Civil Rights era to help you
b. Cite at least one person who you would not choose to help

7) Was the outcome- or if the issue has not happened what do you believe WILL be the outcome?
8) Has the issue been solved? What inequalities still remain? Explain and give examples
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