Colouring by Exponent Laws, Superman Logo (2 Versions, 9 sheet mosaics)
A highly engaging unit summary or review activity for exponent laws, packed with collaboration and the motivation of mystery picture! Two versions are included, one with only positive exponents, and one with negative exponents included (both with integer exponents). Students apply the product, quotient, and power rules to simplify each expression and decode the colour-key, then use it to colour their section of the larger mosaic. The image comes together as each of the students do their part! Individual accountability is achieved since every students’ problem set is different.

• .pdf and .docx versions
• Positive exponents version (9 worksheet mosaic)
• Negative exponents included version(9 worksheet mosaic)
• Each student sheet contains helpful formulas to summarize the exponent laws
• Complete answer keys showing the simplified expressions for every worksheets
• Teaching Tips page, to ensure smooth implementation of this task
• Mosaic guide, showing the completed coloured picture with coordinates

• Simplify products and quotients of powers
• Simplify expressions involving the power of a power
• All bases and exponents are integers

CHECK OUT THE PRODUCT PREVIEW to see sample worksheets, showing the range of problem types. You will know exactly what these worksheets involve!

It's simple!
1. Calculate the answers.
2. Colour the squares.
3. Cut out your section.
4. Combine with the class!

All my "Colouring by..." math mosaics use the standard colours found in a Crayola 24 pack of coloured pencils. For best results, use the exact colour name match, and stick to one type of colouring medium. Maybe a class set of pencil crayons would be a fun departmental purchase? :)

Ontario Curriculum Connection:
MPM1D (positive exponent version), MPM2D (negative exponent version), MBF3C, MAP4C
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