Colouring by Financial Applications - Word Problems (Collaborative Math Mosaic - Veggie Tales)
Financial literacy is increasingly important today! Build students’ comprehension when navigating financial application problems with the rich variety of questions provided in this task. If you’ve never tried one of my collaborative colouring mosaics before, let me assure you they motivate even ‘those reluctant students’ to complete their work!

Harness the power of collaborative motivation while you maintain individual accountability! Every single worksheet is different, so you can confidently enjoy the rich mathematical student-to-student dialog as students help and teach each other to achieve their collaborative goal. The finished mosaic will look spectacular hanging in your classroom, and your students will be proud!

This product comes with 3 versions:
•30-Worksheet Mosaic: Just Simple and Compound Interest (no annuity problems)
•30-Worksheet Mosaic: Simple and Compound Interest, and Annuities
•8-Worksheet Mosaic: Simple and Compound Interest, and Annuities

You could use worksheets from both 30-sheet versions combined to complete the mosaic, if you wanted to spread it out over different units, classes, or ability levels. Every students’ worksheet includes a set of applicable formulas. You could use a TVM solver as well.

INCLUDED: (.pdf and .docx )
•Full class sets of 30 worksheets (in two versions: with or without annuities), plus an 8 worksheet version (with annuities), which combine to make the Veggie Tales mosaic.
•Complete answer keys for every worksheet! Also, a handy colour-range answer key
•Teaching Tips page, to help you implement the task smoothly
•Completed Mosaic / visual answer key with coordinates to help you assemble the completed worksheets into the large mosaic.
•Problem Order list, so you know what type of question students are working on / struggling with.

All my "Colouring by..." math mosaics use the standard colours found in a Crayola 24 pack of coloured pencils. For best results, use the exact colour name match, and use a consistent colouring medium.

I'd love to hear from you! (

Common Core State Standards:
•7.RP.A.3 •HSA.SSE.A.1.b •HSA.SSE.B.4 •High School Modeling •HSF-LE.A.1 •HSF-LE.B.5

Ontario Curriculum: MCR3U, Strand C - Discrete Functions
•3.3 ...the calculation of the amount, A, the principal, P, or the interest rate per compounding period, i, using the compound interest formula in the form A = P(1 + i)^n
•3.4 ... the number of compounding periods, n, using the compound interest formula in the form A = P(1 + i)^n; describe strategies for calculating this number; and solve related problems
•3.7 ...the amount, the present value, and the regular payment of an ordinary simple annuity
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