Common Word Usage Problems for High School Students - PowerPoint
This 45-slide PowerPoint complements a word usage unit for high school freshmen. This unit could easily be included in any high school-level English course. This file highlights 44 common usage problems.

- accept vs. except
- advice vs. advise
- affect vs. effect
- already vs. all ready
- altogether vs. all together
- ain't vs. isn't
- among vs. between
- bad vs. badly
- being that vs. since
- beside vs. besides
- borrow vs. lend
- bring vs. take
- can vs. may
- capital vs. capitol
- complement vs. compliment
- could care less vs. couldn't care less
- desert vs. dessert
- fewer vs. less
- good vs. well
- himself vs. hisself
- imply vs. infer
- its vs. it's
- kind of vs. kind of a
- lay vs. lie
- like vs. as
- sort of vs. somewhat
- than vs. then
- and more...
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