Complete Beginner German 85 pg. Workbook and Textbook ~ Deutsch für Anfänger (Gr. 8+)
This 85-page file is a complete beginner textbook and workbook that I've completed over my last 15 years of teaching/tutoring German! This book is designed for grades 8+. I'm offering it here at over 50% off!

It includes careful explanations and exercises on all the topics covered in a first year German course. It also includes a detailed description of grammar terms and a full appendix with all the most important charts for studying the German language. This book also includes 10 short readings to help students incorporate the new grammar concepts.

This book can be used on its own or as a complement to any beginner German language course of study. You can use it in its entirety or simply print out pages as needed.

Course Outline (It is thematic)

Unit 1: The Basics
Alphabet, pronunciation, greetings
Unit 2: Talking about Family
Family vocab, gender and plurals, haben
Unit 3: Describing People
Verb conjugations, sein
Unit 4: Numbers and Time Phrases
Numbers, Telling Time
Unit 5: My House
Word order
Unit 6: Common Irregular Verbs
Haben, sein, werden, Nationalities, The Weather
Unit 7: Asking Questions
Question Words, Stem-change Verbs
Unit 8: Talking about Hobbies
Months, Days of the Week, Modals
Unit 9: At a Restaurant
Nominative and Accusative, Possessives
Unit 10: Around Town
Prepositions of Place, Dative
Unit 11: At a Soccer Game
Comparatives and Superlatives
Unit 12: New Year’s Eve
Future tense
Unit 13: Taking a Trip
Separable prefix verbs
Unit 14: At the Movies
The Conversational Past
Unit 15: Grocery shopping
Expressing Likes, Gefallen, Gern haben
Unit 16: A Postcard
Unit 17: Gentive
Genitive Case and Reflexive verbs, Daily Routines
Unit 18: Renting an Apartment, Adjective endings
Common Adjectives
Unit 19: Simple Past
Imperfekt, Trip to Berlin
Unit 20: Relative Pronouns
Going for a Hike

Appendices A-E

Answer Key Included



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