A simple set of 100 square activities. Complete the missing numbers - ideal for homework, fill in or simply a bit of fun! Originally written for Key Stage 1, but they may be suitable for Year 3. Check out our school website for other resources. If you like the resource, please leave some feedback ~ thanks. .


  • 100 number square easy fill in.pdf
  • 100 number square hard fill in.pdf
  • 100 number square medium fill in.pdf

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10 Reviews

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    A great resource if it was in word so we could change school name and add extras.

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    Thank you. This has saved me time! To getting around the issue of large school name. I took a screen shoot of the PDF document and copied and pasted it into word and cropped the school name and motto off. Problem solved!

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    user avatarzeek3 years agoreport

    As below, would use them if the school name weren't so big!

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    user avatarnikkiw_2673 years agoreport

    Not useful as it has large school name at the top and isn't editable.

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    Would have been perfect, but the large school name and motto at the top (which is un-editable) makes it unusable for anyone else. The font is also not ideal for little ones. A shame.