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This worksheet is based on a piece of news. Students are expected to skim read the article to answer a set of questions and also discuss to give their point of view. I delivered this lesson to a group of entry level three/ Level one learners (skills for life)

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CreatedFeb 26, 2008
UpdatedDec 3, 2013

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    user avatarvishnya3 years agoReport

    Thank you very much for this interesting topic.I have been working in the International school more than 10 years but I have never heard this kind of people.Sudan people have to know this is international school and the school has its own education program.In my opinion the school should improve relationship between teacher and parents.from vishnya 03.12.2013

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    user avatarbubblebox9 years agoReport

    Great questions. Thanks for sharing. Adding to my portfolio.

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