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One of the reason that I prefer Computing to ICT is that the topics link together to form a coherent whole. My students also appear to like that aspect of the subject.

This is my first attempt at showing how the areas of the curriculum are linked, and the ideas and tasks that link topics together.

You could use the diagram in a variety of ways - e.g. if you, or members of your department are new to Computing, you can learn how different curriculum areas are linked, or you could use it for your curriculum planning by looking for routes through the topics.

In 'Visual Learning' by John Hattie, linking together the different areas of the curriculum is identified as one of the top-ten teaching techniques for 'impact'. The research also suggests that this is the main reason that teachers with greater subject knowledge are more effective, and empirical evidence suggests that it's something that teachers from a non-Computing background struggle to do.

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    Clear visual demonstration of how different topics link together. Thanks!

    • user avatarJaquesJaquesLiverotReply from Author5 months ago

      Thanks for the positive feedback. I've also written an Subject Genius article that explains how I use this diagram to create a scheme of work:

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    user avatarKaciKelbya year agoReport

    Excellent, thank you.

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    user avatarfr4na year agoReport

    Thank you thats great

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