Confucianism: ~Power-point, Game & Student Activity~
You are purchasing 1 full color power-point, game, and student activity, and corresponding worksheets for notes, game and activity on the topic of Confucianism. Great intro to the basics of the belief system; What is it? Who was Confucius? What are the 5 Relationships? The Analects, Meritocracy/Civil Service Exam, how Confucianism affected China and MORE! I use this lesson during my World History unit on China. In this lesson your students will:
1) Take notes on the worksheets provided while learning about Confucianism from a FULL COLOR power-point lecture.
2) Play a game throughout the lecture that will keep them engaged and motivated to learn the material and pay attention!
3) Complete an Exit Card student activity that requires them to critically think and use what they learned about Confucianism.
FUN GAME keeps your students engaged during the lecture! This lesson works well in either a World Religions or World History class.
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Created: Nov 15, 2017

Updated: Feb 22, 2018


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