Construction Images

Popoid images for laminating and building. Images for display to enhance Construction Area


5 Reviews

  • Thanks so much. Just moving classrooms and this new one needs completely revamping!! Spent whole day moving furniture and now have blank everything - these will save me loads of time.

  • Pippi6 years agoReport

    Time saving. Thanks for saving me the time of making models, photographing them, putting them in Publisher with titles and captions, etc!

  • Super Popoid sheets. I love the Popoids design sheets... thanks!!

  • Popoid construction pictures. The popoid construction pictures were fab and such an inspirational idea. Have you or anybody else made any more for other construction?

  • Tredworth9 years agoReport

    Popoid Images - I love them. This is just the sort of thing I always intend to get round to doing. They will be so useful! Cheeky I know, but I don't suppose you have any for any other construction toys?